US indices finished yesterday’s trading lower. S&P 500 dropped 0.83%, Dow Jones moved 0.12% lower and Nasdaq slumped 1.54%. Russell 2000 dropped 1.91% Indices from Asia-Pacific traded lower following a downbeat session in the United States. Nikkei dropped 0.3%, Nifty 50 traded 0.2% lower, Kospi dropped over 1% and indices from China traded 0.5-1.7% down. […]

US indices finished yesterday’s session higher following a jump triggered by lower-than-expected US PPI reading for October. However, part of the gains was later erased on reports saying that Russian missiles landed in Poland US and other NATO officials say that it does not look like it was a deliberate strike on Poland, a NATO […]

Indices from Asia-Pacific traded mostly lower today. Nikkei dropped 1%, S&P/ASX 200 moved 0.2% lower, Kospi traded 0.4% down and Nifty traded little changed. Indices from China traded mixed Chinese real estate stocks traded higher today on reports that China prepares a rescue package to bail out property sector European index futures trade slightly above […]

US indexes ended yesterday’s session in euphoric moods. The S&P 500 rose 5.5%, the Dow Jones rose 3.7%, and the NASDAQ closed the session at nearly 7.5% plus. The Russell 2000 gained 6.11%. Today, contracts indicate that investors will be looking to extend the upward move; The atmosphere is also giving to investors in Asia. […]

US indices finished yesterday’s trading lower, snapping a three-day winning streak. S&P 500 dropped 2.08%, Dow Jones moved 1.95% lower and Nasdaq slumped 2.48%. Russell 2000 finished trading 2.68% lower Indicies from Asia-Pacific also traded lower. Nikkei dropped 1%, S&P/ASX 200 moved 0.5% lower, Kospi declined 0.9% and Nifty 50 traded 0.7% down. Indices from […]

US indices finished yesterday’s trading higher. It was the third consecutive day of gains on Wall Street. S&P 500 gained 0.56%, Dow Jones added 1.02% and Nasdaq moved 0.49% higher US midterms elections are behind us but we will have to wait for full results. Early results and estimates suggest that Democrats will retain control […]

Wall Street indices finished yesterday’s trading higher, led by Dow Jones. S&P 500 gained 0.96%, Nasdaq added 0.85% and Dow Jones moved 1.31% higher. Russell 2000 gained 0.55% Indices from Asia-Pacific traded mostly higher today. Nikkei gained 1.2%, S&P/ASX 200 added 0.4%, Kospi jumped over 1% and Nifty 50 moved 0.5% higher. Indices from China […]

Indices from Asia-Pacific traded higher during the first session of a new week. Nikkei gained 1.2%, S&P/ASX 200 moved 0.6% higher and Kospi added 1%. Indices from China traded higher with Hang Seng rallying 3% European and US index futures trade flat compared to Friday’s cash close Spokesman for the Chinese health commission said China […]

Fed delivered another 75 basis point rate hike, in-line with market expectations. Fed Chair Powell was very hawkish during press conference and dashed market hopes for a quick pivot US indices slumped after yesterday’s Fed meeting. S&P 500 dropped 2.50%, Nasdaq moved 3.36% lower and Dow Jones declined 1.55%. Russell 2000 slumped 3.36% US dollar […]